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While working on my editorial publication I was working on experiments with various photographs I have that I took myself to give myself a bit more experience with different fonts, layouts and how the type works with a picture.



New Ideas, Sketches and Vectors

While  sketching new ideas for the new name of the company I tried to add in the dome shape with the lettering. When taking the ideas into Illustrator I worked with the ‘r’ and ‘a’ to try and connect the logo with the name.  I then came across the diamond like shape and thought going towards the space and geometric shape angle would be best.

tierra sketcTierra prep

Final Publication!

After altering my editorial publication to have a flow through out and fit all of my work perfectly I got the book printed.  Click here if you want to have an online nosey!

The Interview

One of our smaller projects was to write and design an interview of someone of our choice.  I decided on my Granda because he has done photography as his hobby for as long as I know and he is a massive role model in my life.

interviewinterview 3 interview 32interview2

Colour Experiment and Spec Sheet

When I experimented with my logo and decided on what was the best layout and positioning of the text I experimented with different colours.  Once I looked at all the options and got various opinions from my class mates I decided on the pink/purple logo instead.

colour exptierra spec sheet

Galaxy Background Photo:


Name Changer

After a great amount of time on this project I was still getting no where near a design that I desired.  The main problem was the name of the nightclub.  It was very hard to work with and to design something similar to it that wasn’t too cliché.  I made the decision to change the name to see if that was the brick wall that was stopping the design from going any further.  After looking at lots of different names of nightclubs that are already in business I jotted down some ideas but didn’t find any that grabbed my attention.  Then it dawned on me, what if it was in a different language.  It would still mean the same but I would have more leeway with the typography and logo.  Here is a list of some of the names I’ve found and their meanings.

new names


The Spanish word Tierra immediately caught my attention so I started sketching some ideas to see what I could come up with.


Vector Sketches

To try and help the development process I decided to take some of my sketches into illustrator to see if I could see some of my sketches from a different angle.  This helped me see which of my ideas couldn’t go any further and which ones had some potential.

earth earth6earth2 earth3 earth4 earth7earth5

Beginning of Logo Sketches

I started by looking at the letters in Earth to see if I could get any ideas just using the type.  Then I started to work with the Earth graphic in the original logo and other space-like aspects.  To help me try and get ideas started I also looked briefly at other nightclub signs.

1174827_621652734545013_1497754569_n 1382086_621652684545018_358721109_n 1385049_621652707878349_747032017_n 1395203_621652817878338_1078200510_n

Rebranding Products

To know where my project is going to go I had to look at what I would be rebranding and what aspects I could branch into like moving visuals for the screens in the club and uniforms.  As I work in this nightclub and it would be somewhere that I would have went before I started working there I believe that I could look at these things that need rebranding from the best angle.  I know what would draw people my age into a nightclub and what design of a uniform would best suit the staff and what they have to encounter when working.

rebranding objects