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animating assets updated

After getting feedback on our first animating assets video I added on an extra asset. I still plan to make more adjustments to it once I get feedback on this one.


Health Check Group Work Prototype

After working in groups to write down all of the possible options we want our app to have we had to write out a scenario for our health checker.  We choose a user that uses the current location option to book an appointment and then wants to know the best car route.  Below is our task diagram and our paper prototype.



Health Check Group Work

Today we started working in our groups we were assigned to get started on our Health Checker app brief.  We worked together to work out all the possible actions of the app and what they consist of, as best we could. Below is what we came up with along with our personas that we create to put ourselves in various users’ positions to think through different aspects of the checker.

IMG_2707IMG_2706   IMG_2728IMG_2708




News Prototye Feedback

After showing our group news prototype video in class, our tutor gave us some feedback and a couple of things to change.  It was mostly to do with the speed of particular parts of the video so here is the fixed video.

New Brief

Today we had a talk from the people we are designing an app for.  They want an app for local health check facilities so people in deprived areas can have the quickest and easiest access to the information they need to get checked out.


Animating Our Screens

After designing our still images of our screens and the scenarios, we took our screens into after effects to animate them.  I love this part of the task because I really like working with after effects and love to see things come together.  We used our background images we had previous as the background for this task, although after I had all the movements of my assets done I replaced my images with the actual music video instead to get the full effect.


Protoypying Workshop

For our workshop class we had to work in groups and make up a prototype of a screen.  My group worked on a news screen and a breaking news story coming in.  Working in groups is a chance to learn from each other and even though we had various different ideas we came to agreements without any discrepancies.  I personally think we did really well in considering the space of time we had to do the task.

IMG_2539_Fotor IMG_2542_Fotor IMG_2543_Fotor IMG_2547_Fotor IMG_2552_Fotor IMG_2553_Fotor IMG_2555_Fotor IMG_2558_Fotor


Video Prototype


New Semester Means New Modules

To start off our Graphic Design for Screen module we had a tutorial class where we used a screen from a TV show and done our own assets like logos, name titles and different scenarios.  I decided to do a music channel so I chose MTV.  Below are some of my screen shots of different scenarios.

screen 1 jpeg screen 2 jpeg screen 8 jpeg

Logo from: