Name Changer

After a great amount of time on this project I was still getting no where near a design that I desired.  The main problem was the name of the nightclub.  It was very hard to work with and to design something similar to it that wasn’t too cliché.  I made the decision to change the name to see if that was the brick wall that was stopping the design from going any further.  After looking at lots of different names of nightclubs that are already in business I jotted down some ideas but didn’t find any that grabbed my attention.  Then it dawned on me, what if it was in a different language.  It would still mean the same but I would have more leeway with the typography and logo.  Here is a list of some of the names I’ve found and their meanings.

new names


The Spanish word Tierra immediately caught my attention so I started sketching some ideas to see what I could come up with.



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