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As I mentioned in my previous project, fashion photography is something I’m passionate about so I took some photos whilst filming.

Capture Capture6 DSC00979 DSC00986 DSC00992DSC00999 DSC01010 DSC01012 DSC01023 DSC01028 DSC01029 DSC01047 DSC01051 DSC01057 DSC01058 DSC01067 DSC01071 DSC01075 DSC01102


Final Film

When filming I couldn’t do the film noir lighting I wanted with the patterned shadows over the face so I had to use a light with no shadow filter instead. In the end I think it worked well with the overall film.

I ended up leaving out the glass smashing scene I filmed because the quality didn’t turn out that good and it took away from the film.

Shot List

Luckily enough majority of my shots can be filmed on the one day because I don’t need to move location/sets. Hopefully I’ll get all of my shots filmed in a couple of hours. There are two shots that I don’t need the model for that I am planning on filming later that day.shot list

Possible Songs

After rummaging through my iTunes and YouTube I’ve collected the songs that I think will best suit my idea for my film. When I first read the brief, the obsessed theme stood out to me the most but not in an obvious way. I thought along the lines of the good obsession you would have with somebody, like lust.

Jason Derulo Ft Jordan Sparks- Vertigo

Ariana Grande ft Nathan Sykes- Almost is Never Enough

The Weeknd- Wicked Games

The Weeknd- High for This

Miguel- Simple Things

Ed Sheeran- Kiss Me

Katy B- Still


Mood Boards

These are the mood boards of my idea for my film. I love the film noir style so I plan to have lighting similar to that theme. I also want to add in smoke. I think slowing it down in the film will have a really good effect for the theme as well as the lips being a very sensual part of the body.


As in terms of outfits I was thinking about having my model in something very fitted and slim although it would probably have to have been in black and black could end up making the model disappear in the shadow parts of the set. So instead I went with a casual contemporary outfit with some heels to still get the lady figure I want.

New Project

Because our new brief was so similar to my previous video that I handed in I’ve decided to go more for a kinetic type video than a storyline. I’ve always loved how people create lyric music videos so I thought researching them would be a good starting point.

Below are some videos I’ve came across that I like.


These two in particular really stood out to me. I love the film noir style with the type in the first one and then the simple black and white with different standard shots.

additional work

Because I am so passionate about photography, fashion photography in particular, I took this opportunity to take some photographs while I was filming as an extra part to my project.  Here is a selection of the best photographs I collected on day 1 and 2 of filming.


Capture2_Fotor IMG_9510_Fotor2 IMG_9569 IMG_9575 IMG_9576 IMG_9578 IMG_9595 IMG_9604 IMG_9609 IMG_9611 IMG_9613 IMG_9620 IMG_9658 IMG_9668IMG_9712IMG_9755   IMG_9763 IMG_9765IMG_9773  IMG_9815 IMG_9827 IMG_99344_Fotor

Final Film

After days of organising and repeatedly going over arrangements I’ve already created to change them I finalised my film.  I’m quite happy with the outcome and I’m pretty pleased with how my vision has turned out.  Of course I watch it and can still see things I could change but that would consist of a longer time frame to be able to do that.


Today I began my filming! I couldn’t wait to get out to see if how I imagined my shots would be the final outcome! Here are some photographs from day 1 of filming.


DSCN0316_Fotor DSCN0323_Fotor DSCN0328_Fotor DSCN0332_Fotor DSCN0336_Fotor DSCN0337_FotorDSCN0347_Fotor DSCN0342_Fotor DSCN0340_FotorDSCN0360_Fotor DSCN0366_Fotor DSCN0355_Fotor