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Final Outcome!

To conclude this project, I am pretty pleased with my final design.  I’m proud of how well I used 3Ds Max considering the previous times I used it and having no supervision whilst doing it.  I’m excited about future projects and using 3Ds Max more to be able to get anywhere near the amazing possibilities the software has to offer.  I know I don’t have enough preparation and experimentation work before I started my final design and that was due to unforeseen circumstances, timing and eagerness to start the 3Ds Max modelling.  I started to engulf myself in this project when it was too late to bulk up my work and wish I had more time on it.

Final Design

Finishing Touches

To try and bring this character together I brought the face and body together and attached them.  I added small touches before doing the hair.  The belt was finished off with a flatten sphere and texture map to make the buckle.  I also found a tutorial to do the skin texture map and applied that as well.  It made a massive difference to my character and really made it come alive.

14 wire frame14 render

The hair was the last thing for me to do and to be honest the most dreaded part.  I wanted the hair to look really well and realistic so I looked up how to use the hair and fur modifier and tried it out.  After working with this technique I couldn’t get it to work for me.  I think I need more work using this technique to be able to master it.  Due to lack of time I used a sphere, editable poly modifier to delete polygons and extruded edges to get as close to the hair shape as possible.  To finish it off I added a shell and turbo smooth modifier.  I’m not really happy with the outcome of the hair but with more practise hopefully I’ll get more skilled at this particular section on future projects.

15 wire frame15 render

Skin wrap tutorial:

Veterans badge:

The Face

I used a tutorial to help me get part of the face done.  I started with a plane and focused on one half of the face.  Once I started getting a shape I finished off the rest of the face by myself.

8 wire frame8 render9 wire frame9 render

After having a mask shape I extruded edges backwards to add depth to the face before I added a turbo smooth modifier.

10 wire frame10 render

I wanted to try the eyes myself first without any help.  I tried them a couple of times.  I first tried them as a sphere with a texture map of a photo of an eye but it didn’t come out right so I worked about with them to see if I could get them to work before looking for help.  I couldn’t get them to look right so I looked for tutorials and came across one that was very easy and memorable.  Doing it this way I used a sphere and used polygons from the sphere by detaching them and rotating them to get the shape.  By adding texture maps the eye became alive.

11 wire frame11 render12 wire frame12 render

Once I fitted the eyes to the face I worked on the details like eye lashes and eye brows.  I made them up of planes with various modifiers to get them to fit the face.  By going back to the tutorial face tutorial I looked at how they created the lips.  Once I looked at that I was able to go and do it myself without going back to it.  I added a texture map to make them stand out from the rest of the face.

13 wire frame13 render




Eye Map:

Clothing the Model

To do the clothes I began with the skirt.  To make this I used a plane with an editable poly modifier.  I extruded edges to get my preferred shape before I used turbo smooth and shell to give the skirt a shape and thickness.  The scarf around the leg is another plane with the same modifiers as the skirt but a texture wrap of an American flag.

6 wire frame6 render

I thought the easiest way to do the blouse was to copy the body and delete any polygons I didn’t need, like the legs and hands.  I scaled the copied shape to be just a bit bigger than the torso so it sits outside it.  After adjusting the edge or the neck and hands to make the openings of the blouse I was happy enough with the item.

7 wire frame7 render

American flag for texture wrap:

The 3Ds Max Journey Begins!

And so the anticipated 3ds Max part of my project has begun.  Even though this was the part of the project I was most looking forward to I’m also nervous to how I’m going to get my character done with my limited skills in this software but I’m willing to accept the challenge.  In this post I’m going to show you my development so far in my model.

After looking through loads of tutorials I found one that would help get me started and teach me things along the way.  I began with a box and use an editable poly modifier.  I tweaked and pulled it until it got me closer and closer to the shape of the torso.  Once I was happy enough with that I started to add in the chest.  I’ve done all of this as half of the body and then I’ll use the symmetry modifier to make the body symmetrical.  After using the tutorial for this part of the model I began to get into the swings of things and modelled the rest of the body myself using the same techniques I used for this part.

1 wire frame1 render2 wire frame2 render

The next stage was to extrude parts of the torso to make arms.  When I was happy enough with that section I repeated this for the legs and used vertices and edges to get my acquired shape.

3 wire frame3 render4 wire frame4 render

To try and finish off my model before dressing her and moving onto the face, I positioned her the way I want her to stand by rotating polygons and altering it.

5 wire frame5 render


Final Design

When I think of America the first thing that comes to mind is how proud and patriotic they are.  When researching America’s history I learned about their involvement in World War 2 and came across this quote about the invasion of pearl harbour,

“No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory.”
— President Franklin D. Roosevelt, December 8, 1941

In my opinion it sums up my view of American’s and makes me think that they are strong victorious and honourable people.  I thought this would be a good design for a statue so with my combined interest in the World War 2 women’s fashion and the America people I styled her in a sophisticated but elegant outfit with the appropriate hairstyle and colours.  Once I got the basis of the outfit done I began to think of accessories and detail.  I wanted to bring in the Veterans badge into the design and after various adjustments thought that it would look great as a belt buckle.  The American flag is a huge part of where you come from and your nationality so this was something I definitely wanted to be in the design.  Instead of going for the predictable, flag on a flag pole and the character holding it, I thought it would look a lot better as a feature of the character.  When anybody is wounded unexpectedly you have to put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding which is normally a piece of material wrapped tight.  This gave me the picture of an American flag being wrapped round a wound.  It could become a bigger meaning with such a little detail.  The flag being wrapped around the leg as if it’s a wound is to symbolise that no matter how much people hurt, injure or scar America that the power of their pride of where they come from will overcome any pain and make them stronger.





With Open Arms

As I went further into the thought process I realised that I thought about posture a lot when thinking about my character. When I read that “the statue being the first thing they (immigrants) saw when arriving by boat” I tried to think about how it would look to a stranger coming to their country to start a life and make a home for them, their children and future children.  The character would have to look welcoming and friendly, similar to a mother figure.  When I think of a mother figure and how they are with their children I think about how mothers kneel down to their child’s level with open arms to make them feel loved and comfortable.  It’s a sign to help you put your trust and faith into them and that’s what I want to get across about America.


The statue could either have her two arms out as if she’s ready to embrace the immigrants or have one hand out as if she’s offering for them to take her hand as they enter the country.

Photo from:

Initial Sketches

These are some of my initial sketches that I did.

Firstly I thought about how American’s love their sports and have so many different sports to us.  I tried to combine them in on character so tried various different ideas.  I took aspects from sports such as basketball, american football, hockey, baseball and cheerleading.


When researching the statue I found that her crown has 7 spikes for the 7 continents and 7 oceans of the world.  I thought of the 7 Deadly Sins and how she stands so tall that she could have enormous amounts of power and control.  She could either symbolise a specific sin or be the controller or all of them.


Trying to think of what my equivalent in America would be, that being a student, made me think about how I’ve perceived American student life to be from seeing different types of media.  They seem to have initiation and toga parties.  All their parties have the red party cups as well.  I tried to bring the 7 spikes of the crown into it too by putting them around the belt so what they stand for is still included.


Group Work

Today in class we worked in groups to brainstorm and help influence each other’s ideas.  I found it very helpful and really enjoyed working with classmates to see the different ways they think and see the project.

liberty group work