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Vector Sketches

To try and help the development process I decided to take some of my sketches into illustrator to see if I could see some of my sketches from a different angle.  This helped me see which of my ideas couldn’t go any further and which ones had some potential.

earth earth6earth2 earth3 earth4 earth7earth5


Beginning of Logo Sketches

I started by looking at the letters in Earth to see if I could get any ideas just using the type.  Then I started to work with the Earth graphic in the original logo and other space-like aspects.  To help me try and get ideas started I also looked briefly at other nightclub signs.

1174827_621652734545013_1497754569_n 1382086_621652684545018_358721109_n 1385049_621652707878349_747032017_n 1395203_621652817878338_1078200510_n

Rebranding Products

To know where my project is going to go I had to look at what I would be rebranding and what aspects I could branch into like moving visuals for the screens in the club and uniforms.  As I work in this nightclub and it would be somewhere that I would have went before I started working there I believe that I could look at these things that need rebranding from the best angle.  I know what would draw people my age into a nightclub and what design of a uniform would best suit the staff and what they have to encounter when working.

rebranding objects


Starting Business Research

To start off my rebranding project I looked at previous posters the club has used for advertising and found that with nearly all of their posters they haven’t used the right typography with the graphics or used too many different types when they didn’t need to.  The posters are very crowded and some are too busy with amateur graphics in some of them.  I also believe that the current logo is very dated and has been their logo for as long as I can remember.  I’m hoping to rebrand this logo in a way that it completely changes the feel and impressions that some people have of the club.

74118_164985123521916_4751772_n 934114_580381175315640_1239524560_njn 971225_610000359020388_542931254_n 996594_609972929023131_1063568097_n 1146517_609965369023887_2121160876_n 1173765_609981375688953_1540243319_n

Research on Abbreviated Business Logos

­I researched some abbreviated logos to help me open my mind to how creative you can be with letters and how they can become a shape or logo.  Some of the businesses I found are listed below:

abb table

Rebranding Suggestions

To start off my first project brief I brainstormed some businesses that I could rebrand that are local to me.  I looked at a mixture of businesses.  Some were places where people I know work and others were to do with fashion that I’m interested in but I then decided to choose the place where I work because I’ve wanted to design posters for it for a while and this project is the perfect opportunity.


Suggestions for Rebranding

Final Design

I decided that the logo looked better without the K idea and I liked the blue colour scheme as well so went with that and adapted it to fit the stationary samples and spec sheet.


Spec sheetletterhead compliment slipbusiness card 2 business card 3 business card logo stationary

Experimenting With My Logo

After deciding on the basic shape and layout of my logo I experimented a bit more with it with the colour scheme.  I also noticed that my 2 back to front A’s make up an M shape so I tried to add the K in from my AMK initials into the logo.


Sketches to Vectors

When I sketched various different ideas for my name logo I drew up some of these sketches on illustrator to see how they looked.  Some of the ideas didn’t go anywhere but others developed as I used illustrator and I actually ended up getting my final logo idea from experimenting with it in illustrator.

aine 1 aine 3 aine

Initial / Name Logo

We got given a task in class today to help us with our first project brief.  We had to take our initials or name and play about with it to make a logo and then adapt that logo to fit stationary samples.  Here’s my sketches that I started off with.

1278448_621591454551141_706846736_n 1372946_621591457884474_26522902_n