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Final Publication!

After altering my editorial publication to have a flow through out and fit all of my work perfectly I got the book printed.  Click here if you want to have an online nosey!


The Interview

One of our smaller projects was to write and design an interview of someone of our choice.  I decided on my Granda because he has done photography as his hobby for as long as I know and he is a massive role model in my life.

interviewinterview 3 interview 32interview2

Colour Experiment and Spec Sheet

When I experimented with my logo and decided on what was the best layout and positioning of the text I experimented with different colours.  Once I looked at all the options and got various opinions from my class mates I decided on the pink/purple logo instead.

colour exptierra spec sheet

Galaxy Background Photo:


Who Wants Some Toast?

To conclude this project, I am very pleased with my final model considering my skills in 3Ds Max.  I quite liked this project at the start but, as I said in my character blog, I know I don’t have enough preparation and experimentation work before I started my final design, which was due to unforeseen circumstances, timing and eagerness to start the 3Ds Max modelling.  I started to engulf myself in this project when it was too late to bulk up my work and wish I had more time on it.  None the less I’m content with my final outcome.

Step by step development6

Stone wall wrap:


After speaking with my classmates and tutors about all of my ideas the most attention was on the toaster idea.  This toaster would toast on famous, well known Derry phrases or words onto your bread. So I decided to research different styles of toasters to get me started.

toaster research1549418_670391429671143_1386521788_n 1653931_670391386337814_1833503155_n 1779181_670391356337817_807382973_n

More Sketches

More sketches of my ideas.  I was steering towards the humorous design because I think the Irish have a good sense of humour and lots of phrases and memories that could be manipulated, for example: your mother/grandmother would threaten you with a wooden spoon so you could do a wooden spoon but make it a weapon.  Most of the memories I thought of are ones that everybody can relate to.  Even thought everybody is from different walks of life we all seem to have the same aspects of growing up.

71535_670391483004471_660849267_n 1493125_670391533004466_1778298295_n 1779099_670391583004461_493233845_n