Change of plans

After unpredictable issues occurring, I was pushed back in my project and had a very limited time to finish the work so I decided to change the brief that I originally chose. The first brief would have taken too much time to get right so I went with turning a 2D character 3D instead. For this brief I choose Minnie Mouse. A very well-known character with iconic colouring and design.

To begin with I researched her.  I looked at the shape, how she moved and what she wore.  When looking at her shape I tried to picture it simplified. The basis of Minnie mouse is very simple so there wasn’t must research I could do on after a while. So I focused more on her outfits and decided on what colour scheme I think she is most known for, which is the red and white polka dots.Untitled-2

Due to lack of time I didn’t want sketch a character that has already been drawn numerous amounts of time. So instead I drew out a simplified version of how I see Minnie mouse being made up.




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