Make a Film in 3 Hours!

Today in class our tutor set us the task to prepare, shoot and edit a film in 3 hours.  We worked in groups and my group decided on the theme of Freedom.  We brainstormed some ideas to get us started and then collectively decided on a storyline.  Our story was based on a student being stuck in class and then frantically running around the building trying to get out then eventually finding the right door.  We planned to have it dramatic with a punch line at the end, for example; another student walking past (x) and saying “why are you out of breath, come on we’re going to be late for class” and then (x) sighs.  We didn’t have enough time to do the ending like this so we had to stick with the dramatic theme.  All in all I’m quite happy with our finished product given the short space of time we had to do it.

prep1prep 2

IMG_2711_Fotor IMG_2714_Fotor IMG_2718_Fotor IMG_2721_Fotor


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