Beginning of a New Semester!

Today was my first class for my Moving Image module and I really enjoyed it! I’ve been looking forward to doing Moving Images since the start of this school year because I haven’t done it since A-level and I’m eager to get to do it again.  I’m hopeful for the massive change in skills, standard and methods that I will use and be taught at this level compared to A-level.  Our first class was an introduction to what we will be covering this semester but our afternoon class was a workshop on script writing.  To be honest script writing isn’t something I like that much because I’m not very theatrical or dramatic.  Once I was in class though I quite enjoyed it because it is more than just what is said.  We had to work in groups to make up an environment, characters and plots.  It was hard to get started but once we did we got on great. The images attached are the idea’s that we, as a group, came up with.

001 (2)001


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