With Open Arms

As I went further into the thought process I realised that I thought about posture a lot when thinking about my character. When I read that “the statue being the first thing they (immigrants) saw when arriving by boat” I tried to think about how it would look to a stranger coming to their country to start a life and make a home for them, their children and future children.  The character would have to look welcoming and friendly, similar to a mother figure.  When I think of a mother figure and how they are with their children I think about how mothers kneel down to their child’s level with open arms to make them feel loved and comfortable.  It’s a sign to help you put your trust and faith into them and that’s what I want to get across about America.


The statue could either have her two arms out as if she’s ready to embrace the immigrants or have one hand out as if she’s offering for them to take her hand as they enter the country.


Photo from: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/1556407/Mother-freezes-eggs-so-daughter-can-give-birth.html


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