The Face

I used a tutorial to help me get part of the face done.  I started with a plane and focused on one half of the face.  Once I started getting a shape I finished off the rest of the face by myself.

8 wire frame8 render9 wire frame9 render

After having a mask shape I extruded edges backwards to add depth to the face before I added a turbo smooth modifier.

10 wire frame10 render

I wanted to try the eyes myself first without any help.  I tried them a couple of times.  I first tried them as a sphere with a texture map of a photo of an eye but it didn’t come out right so I worked about with them to see if I could get them to work before looking for help.  I couldn’t get them to look right so I looked for tutorials and came across one that was very easy and memorable.  Doing it this way I used a sphere and used polygons from the sphere by detaching them and rotating them to get the shape.  By adding texture maps the eye became alive.

11 wire frame11 render12 wire frame12 render

Once I fitted the eyes to the face I worked on the details like eye lashes and eye brows.  I made them up of planes with various modifiers to get them to fit the face.  By going back to the tutorial face tutorial I looked at how they created the lips.  Once I looked at that I was able to go and do it myself without going back to it.  I added a texture map to make them stand out from the rest of the face.

13 wire frame13 render




Eye Map:


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