Initial Sketches

These are some of my initial sketches that I did.

Firstly I thought about how American’s love their sports and have so many different sports to us.  I tried to combine them in on character so tried various different ideas.  I took aspects from sports such as basketball, american football, hockey, baseball and cheerleading.


When researching the statue I found that her crown has 7 spikes for the 7 continents and 7 oceans of the world.  I thought of the 7 Deadly Sins and how she stands so tall that she could have enormous amounts of power and control.  She could either symbolise a specific sin or be the controller or all of them.


Trying to think of what my equivalent in America would be, that being a student, made me think about how I’ve perceived American student life to be from seeing different types of media.  They seem to have initiation and toga parties.  All their parties have the red party cups as well.  I tried to bring the 7 spikes of the crown into it too by putting them around the belt so what they stand for is still included.


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