Finishing Touches

To try and bring this character together I brought the face and body together and attached them.  I added small touches before doing the hair.  The belt was finished off with a flatten sphere and texture map to make the buckle.  I also found a tutorial to do the skin texture map and applied that as well.  It made a massive difference to my character and really made it come alive.

14 wire frame14 render

The hair was the last thing for me to do and to be honest the most dreaded part.  I wanted the hair to look really well and realistic so I looked up how to use the hair and fur modifier and tried it out.  After working with this technique I couldn’t get it to work for me.  I think I need more work using this technique to be able to master it.  Due to lack of time I used a sphere, editable poly modifier to delete polygons and extruded edges to get as close to the hair shape as possible.  To finish it off I added a shell and turbo smooth modifier.  I’m not really happy with the outcome of the hair but with more practise hopefully I’ll get more skilled at this particular section on future projects.

15 wire frame15 render

Skin wrap tutorial:

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