The 3Ds Max Journey Begins!

And so the anticipated 3ds Max part of my project has begun.  Even though this was the part of the project I was most looking forward to I’m also nervous to how I’m going to get my character done with my limited skills in this software but I’m willing to accept the challenge.  In this post I’m going to show you my development so far in my model.

After looking through loads of tutorials I found one that would help get me started and teach me things along the way.  I began with a box and use an editable poly modifier.  I tweaked and pulled it until it got me closer and closer to the shape of the torso.  Once I was happy enough with that I started to add in the chest.  I’ve done all of this as half of the body and then I’ll use the symmetry modifier to make the body symmetrical.  After using the tutorial for this part of the model I began to get into the swings of things and modelled the rest of the body myself using the same techniques I used for this part.

1 wire frame1 render2 wire frame2 render

The next stage was to extrude parts of the torso to make arms.  When I was happy enough with that section I repeated this for the legs and used vertices and edges to get my acquired shape.

3 wire frame3 render4 wire frame4 render

To try and finish off my model before dressing her and moving onto the face, I positioned her the way I want her to stand by rotating polygons and altering it.

5 wire frame5 render



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