What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is not just a single thing.  It consists of a lot of things such as communicating art, problem solving, influencing an audience, achieving strategic results and addressing contemporary issues with the help of various tools and media.  Some of these tools are typography, visual arts and page layout which all contribute to the overall outcome.  To get to the outcome graphic designers have to go through a process of firstly researching their topic, generating ideas from this research, prototyping their ideas and eventually involving words and pictures.  Designers have to use a wide range of software to achieve this process.  Even though you may not be creative or artistic you might know more about graphic design than you think because it is all around us.  It’s used for various things such as;

  • Logos and branding (identity)
  • Magazines, newspapers, books and brochure’s (publications)
  • Print advertising and business cards
  • Posters
  • Billboards
  • Website graphics and elements
  • Signs
  • Product packaging

Most people think graphic design is just there to make things look ‘pretty’ and more inviting but that’s nowhere near the truth.  In fairness, graphic design is a great way to make things more appealing especially when you’re trying to get somebody to buy something or use a website but it’s also a great help to people trying to move around in everyday life.  It’s the difference between an elderly person being able to get money out of a bank machine and a disabled person crossing the road.  When designing you have to take everything into account and look at it from every angle.  Steve Jobs believed that every detail no matter how small was important and a priority.  I personally believe this and believe that you have to have this outlook on design to be a designer.

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