The Creative Ecology

The creative industries are always growing for jobs.



Old Economy

New Economy




Scope of Competition



Organisational Form




Manufacturing core

Services/ information core

Source of Value

Raw materials, physical capital

Flexible production


The fundamental challenges that we face are:

Underestimation of technological embedding, application of superseded economic models and application of superseded copyright models.

Over this 12 week module I have learnt more about my involvement in the industry at this moment in time.  Information is key; I have to start looking at what I’m best at.  I have to be networking; pulling all my information and other talents together. As well as analysing I need to now be able to know the good stuff from the bad, what I should and shouldn’t be reading and what will drive me forward.  I have to be able to write and represent myself and my work in different places.  I’ve got to start and continue to produce stuff.  I have to think about other people’s work and how I can change it because nothings original anymore.  It’s not enough for me to communicate I have to collaborate as well with other people who have different skills and talents and it will make my work greater.  I also need to understand how to do proper searching for the information I need.

Overall I have to go through the processes and development stages of my work and then reflect on it and have people I know and trust look at my work for an honest opinion.


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