Net-Art: Designing Virtual Space.

I recently learnt that Net-Art is a new art form that’s part of the network space.  It’s accessible and relatively easily to step into the network space which makes the variation of art much wider.  Net-art is the only art form that curates itself and it is also an open source.  The following two videos are from Eva and Franco Mattes website, they are perfect examples of how art in the network space is conceptual. .  I found these two videos very amusing and interesting.  The “my generation” video shows just how much of a hook technology has on this generation and even though the people in the video are ridiculously hooked in an unhealthy level on gaming, this video has made the situation hilarious and makes everybody realise just how much of a joke the addictiveness is.  In the 2nd video “Freedom” I also found it very amusing how serious people take their games and are ruthless when they are in front of a controller. These examples show how net-art folds art into life and is also a non-expensive material to use to create art.

Info graphics is considered a part of Net-art also although the data has to be used in an artistic context for it to work.

Overall this topic has made me realise that this generation, including myself, are “free floating signifiers” and take things from where we are and what we know to create a form of art that we could teach to people more experienced.

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