Internet of Things

The internet of things is how we have evolved with use of the internet and its devices. The internet and the interweb are two different things. The internet is an object that does a particular thing. The interweb is the interconnections of how that is used and connected. The connections between these things have changed over the years. It began with the Sarnoff Loop which is a broadcast of 1 source to a number of people and there is no connection within the people. This then developed into the Metcalf Loop, a one to one connection and a prime example of this is the mobile. Now we have advanced to the Reed Loop which is lines of communication multiplied such as the computer.
If we have an internet of things connected all the time we will have too much data and we won’t know what to do with it all. The negative sides of having too much data are that we will be judged on it like how doctors are judged on their fail rates etc. although it’s not fair that their patients could have been seriously ill. A major positive side is a video we watched of a TED talk by Deb Roy “The Birth of a Word”. It’s amazing what he has done with the use of data. It’s obvious that he and his team put so much work into it but because it was so personal it would have been well worth it. The fact that he invites you into his life and his family makes you feel like part of the experiment. This talk benefits us because it would give us inspiration and make us think of new ways to start presenting data. We would also start thinking about our own data and if you are a parent you may start to think about how you’d teach your child to talk.
Overall the internet of things is where you gather together your data to make your infographic. Sometimes the data doesn’t matter it’s the art of how it’s presented.


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