At the start of our lecture we had about sound I wasn’t sure what it really had to do with my course and design. But I listened anyways and near the end I realised how it was related to design when our lecturer showed us one of her projects where she made a product where sound was an essential component in it. Our lecturer introduced some of us to a musician called John Cage. He was a musician that looked deeply into the meaning of silence and done various experiments on it. He’s final results and conclusion was that he believed there’s no such thing as silence because even if you’re in a sound proof booth, if you listen long enough you will start to hear your heart beating and the blood flow through your veins. So with this fascinating conclusion he conducted a piece that coincided with this theory. The performance is in the link provided with this blog entry and I would advise everybody to watch it and see what you think so yourself. Personally I don’t find it as amazing as most people do. I agree that it is a very well planned out statement and gets a lot of people talking and provokes emotions wither its positive or negative, so it serves it purpose. But I think it was a very weird way of showing it and when we listened to him in an interview to he was an odd character but he must have had a very interesting outlook on aspects of life if he picked up on some things people didn’t, which I’d give him credit for.


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