Presenting the New- Exhibition and Publication.

                In this lecture we started off by looking at David Shrigley.  I love his work because it makes people talk and takes the hand at particular things in society today and he makes illustrations to do with topics that society try to avoid.  This then carried on to a piece for the City of Culture that was recently placed in the guildhall (  These two topics were a representation of how the artists themselves see the industry as being ridiculous and they exploit it to their advantage.   It was also a lesson for us to be sure of what we’re exhibiting of our own work because they will be the pieces that we will be known for and have attached to our names for our career.

                We also talked about digital space and how we can use the publication of Facebook and apps to make exhibitions for ourselves and change that sort of application so that we can benefit from it.  Although we are told to use these applications and websites to our advantage there is also a very blurred line between public and private information and it is mostly because of apps like Four Square, Facebook, Twitter etc. that we have to be very careful about.  These apps make it very easy for everybody to know your business and everything that you doing so it is vital that we think about what we are publishing on these social networking sites and websites like blogs etc.

One main topic of this lecture was our Simulacra.  It’s a representation of what people think about us, for example the impressions we give people, the information that we give about ourselves over the internet that give people particular impressions about us and our personalities.  It’s been said that nobody could know the real you, not even people that are with you 24/7 so it is crucial what stories we tell about ourselves because these will be the imprints that we leave in people’s minds.  Two main artists that control their own simulacra are Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst.  For them it’s not about the Art it’s about the concept behind it.  They know how to work the art industry to their advantage.  Their art pieces may not be gorgeous paintings or amazing works of art but because they get people talking and cause controversy they become desirable and this all adds to their Simulacra.  Art should always be a provocation and it should always ask questions about the future and I believe these two artist come under these two rules.

Even though there is a blurry line between publication and privacy with the internet there are a lot of pro’s to using digital space.  It makes getting your own work seen and out there very easy, it gives you the control to get yourself noticed.  The 3D printer would tie in with this as you could make your own product from the comfort of your home or if you get a chance to use an industrial 3D printer and you can use social networking sites and websites to advertise and distribute your item.  All of this means you can create yourself a business overnight.  Some websites that you can upload your work to for free may have over thousands or millions of members and all it takes is 2 seconds for you to create yourself an online gallery and have the potential to be seen by all those people.   These websites also give you the chance to get feedback on your work and improve it.  One major thing that has recently been advertised is the Google glasses and I would advise everybody to watch the promotional video for them ( ), it is a great example of the positive things that can come of the digital space.

                Overall I learnt that our own Simulacra is VERY important especially if we want to be in the art industry as what we put out there will be tied with our name.  We have to control our own Simulacra and put out there what we want to be seen.

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